- Arisai' c:
My Life Begins Today <3 . .

Theres Noothing , more I Want Right now .. but to Smoke a Joint c;

Some Fuucking Blue Dream Kush ♥ uy c;

Fuck All You Idiots , that Say “Smokings Stupid”

HA ! FUCK YOU -.-t

I smoke cause , It makes mee feeel like a FLYING DUCK <3 ! c;

Hate on that shit , Bitch .

ohhthatbitcchjazminee asked:
I Saiid I Think I Likee Yoou Agiaan :o <3 ^_^ Buut Yoou Annt Bi No Moree Soo Yeaah . . . Heey Yoou Goinq To Carssoon Next Yeaar ? C;

Um ,Yeah , I Ainnt gunna go back to that shit Sorry c: Lmfao

& Naah ;p Kino ^__.